The Twohundredpercent Play-Off Jamboree: Hitchin Town 4-1 Slough Town


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5 Responses

  1. Rebel with a cause says:

    A couple of points, Slough finished 11 points behind Hitchen…………not 23!

    Slough were kicked out/relegated from the Conference after finishing in 8th place & reaching the FA Trophy semi-finals in 1998………that was the start of their ‘fall from grace’, caused by the then owner’s intransigence (spelling?) with regarding not putting in some extra 50 covered seats & thereby meeting the league regulations.

    Despite this, they remained at Wexham Park for a further 5 years which afforded them some time to at least try to sort themselves out. This didn’t happen which has led to a further nomadic existence.

    The people of Slough are not apathetic to their plight or existence, just completely non-plussed as to why any of it should have been allowed to happen at all? This particularly in light of the Wexham Park ground still being there, but sadly being left to ‘rot’ to rack & ruin!

    Good luck to the club, with their ongoing new community ground project. Which was helped in no small part, by the positive response given by Slough residents to the on-line consultation survey issued as part of the planning consultation process.

  2. Ian says:

    Yeah, sorry about that. This was written on the train with minimal double-checking of league tables to try and conserve some battery on the laptop! Have updated it accordingly.

    And the reference to apathy (which I should have made clearer) was in the general sense that towns with non-league clubs are apathetic towards their clubs rather than specifically Slough.

    I wish Slough Town all the best – I had the pleasure of visiting Wexham Park a couple of times during the 1990s and it is astonishing that it has just been allowed to sit and rot.

    Third time lucky next year, eh?

  3. Darth Scrote says:

    I was at the game yesterday and would like to point out something that you must have missed. The referee clearly waved away all protests as regards to the penalty being given. It was only when the linesman intervened that he changed his mind. In my honest opinion the ref must have had a better view of it, but was persuaded by his linesman to change his mind. I personally think that this was what riled the Slough players so much, especially being right on half time. If it hadn’t of been given who knows what would have happened in the second half. Good luck to Hitchin. With the tally of points they’ve collected over the past 2 seasons they deserve to have a crack at promotion and needed a bit of luck, and last night they certainly got it.

  4. Ian says:

    We were standing behind the goal at that end – for the purposes of clarity, I don’t support Hitchin – and the linesman’s flag went straight across his chest to indicate the penalty. From behind the goal, it looked like a slightly unnecessary challenge but probably, on balance, a penalty. I have to say, though, that I saw a video of it this morning taken from where the linesman would have been standing (you’ve probably seen it yourselves) and… there is no way that it was a penalty, not in a million years.

    It’s odd, because our original view was, if anything, closer to what the referee might have seen than the linesman and it looked, if anything, more like one from where we were standing than from the linesman’s view. I don’t suspect shenanigans, by the way. You guys will already be plenty aware of how eccentric refereeing can be at that level.

  5. Warren says:

    Plans for Slough’s new ground going well, so hopefully we will be back there as champions season after next! Hitchin are a decent club and deserve promotion but it felt good to be one of the Slough supporters getting behind our team even when it was all over. You can read my seasons posts on my blog.
    By the way Two hundred percent has got to be just about the best blog about.

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