After Notts County: England’s Club Owners. Are They Any Good?

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5 Responses

  1. Pompeylor says:

    Please, please when the courts have finished with Storrie & Redknapp (with their convictions I hope), Panaroma try and uncover the mystery of Portsmouth’s fake Arab and Storrie/Redknapps dealmaking.

    Interesting article, although I would disagree with the Premier League position on Liverpool. The latter got UEFA to change the rules on Champions League participation and who would the premier league rather have in the Europe – Liverpool or Portsmouth. The bigger teams rule the roost simple – the rest of us are just icing.

    That’s the Premier League by the way that accepted a photocopied passport as proof of the ID of our fake Arab – and triggering the collapse of our club. All football buyers are dodgy because apart from a very few set of them, most clubs are making huge losses. Any proper businessman would be made to invest so there’s no surprise that the industry only attracts the egomaniac and dodgy.

  2. Jason says:

    So, will unity never return to Watford based on the John standard? Ah, loved that line.

  3. Panorama’s Russell King programme was astounding. Quite how he conned that many people…it would make an uneblievable film!

  4. Mick F says:

    Not surprised that watford fans are pinning their hopes on a character like Bassini (or Bazini?) being the saviour of their club, they’re not the sharpest people going around!

  5. Stephen Atkinson says:

    Mick F, I am one of the Watford fans who has been questioning the takeover from when it was first announced. I understand why the major shareholders, such as Ashcroft and the Russos, selling their shares – they are just looking for some sort of return on their money. What I can’t believe is the gullibility of the smaller shareholders who have given up their shares as soon as Bassini made an offer, which leaves me and the others who held out in the position where Bassinis is now in the process of compulsorily buying our shares.
    I am frustrated and very, very angry that this is happening to my club and am trying to get hold of someone at the Football League who can tell me if and how Bassini has passed a fit and proper person test.

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