Accrington Stanley & Ground Grading


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4 Responses

  1. Brian Hargreaves says:

    As an Accrington Stanley fan I would just like to say … We know thanks.. We arn’t sitting on our thumbs wondering what the silver thing in the sky is you know.

  2. Paul Matterly says:

    Stanley have had almost 3 years to get their ground upto league standard. If they did not want to do this they should have stayed in the non-league. I for one hope they don’t install the extra seats and let Bournemouth – a real football league club stay up. This is not anti-Stanley – its pro football. PS, I’m not a Bournemouth fan I have supported Kettering for almost 20 years.

  3. Boris says:

    Bearing in mind that Oxford United replaced the original Accrington Stanley side in the League, and that the new upstarts then replaced Oxford United in the League, with a bit of luck the expulsion of Accrington Stanley from the League for failing to upgrade their ground will mean an Oxford United promotion back from the hell of the Conference.

  4. JamPot says:

    This whole episode does beg the question of whether the finances over the last 3-4 years have been skewed towards the playing budget rather than realistically assigned to the problems forthcoming. I can fully understand the loss of atmostphere and feel when a club enters the league, as I did with Wimbledon in ’77, but with the support of the fans the whole situation I am sure can be remieded. As the AS fans says above they know about the situation and are presumably working towards it. But the league (and the club) need to educate the casual fan as to what is and why it is required. Perhaps this message has not got through. Without looking I cannot recall if AS are near to a possible non-league return via relegation but I wonder if part of the promoted/must stay there and not get relegated targetting of the club might have swayed them in their budgetary considerations

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