Football In Parliament, A Right Pair Of Richards

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2 Responses

  1. Ewan says:

    Good post. One wonders what it’ll take to get the Premier League acting in a responsible manner. It’s clear at this point that their rules mean less than nothing. “Fit and proper person” is a sick joke and it sounds like the disclosure requirements will be as well.

    Will government ever take the matter seriously? Probably not. After all, if self-regulation’s alright for everyone else it must be OK for football, too. So the likes of Scudamore can show up once a year and answer some questions, then continue as though nothing had happened.

  2. SJ Maskell says:

    You had more patience than I in watching that performance. Frequent outbursts of hysterics prevented me taking in the detail on a first hearing. A second one occasioned a bout of depression. The transfer activity as the essence of the game … as we say in Pompey ‘You couldn’t make it up!’

    As for (ahem) – the Russians are coming! Again.

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