Safe Standing, The Premier League and Stupid Fans

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7 Responses

  1. Stanley says:

    Excellent piece. You’ve hit the nail’s head firmly and squarely.

    All-seater stadia are about pricing and the sterilization of fan culture, not safety. Safe standing would be easy and cheap to implement, but would force a reduction in ticket prices: something which Scudamore (and others, I dare say) would not be willing to contemplate.

  2. Adam Redman says:

    Great piece.

    Completely on the money.

    Why is it that things we love seem to be controlled by utterly clueless buffoons who are completely out of touch with their ‘target audience’. 39th game anyone?!

    The whole ‘safe standing’ issue is so mind numbingly obvious, ANY argument against it is easily countered. There are so many reasons safe standing should be introduced, and ironically safety is one of them.

    How can ‘standing’ be accepted during moments of interest in a game but not at other times?

    How can a League One club be able to host a top flight team with terracing in the cup, but the very same fixture is deemed unsafe in the Premier League!!?

    It’s an ABSOLUTE farce, and if it was argued in a courtroom would be resolved in minutes.

    Get behind your team, help them stay in the Prem so they can reap the benefits of Sky’s money and the greater exposure, but make sure you’re sitting down when you’re doing this. F*** Off!

    It’s our game, the people’s, not Sky’s, not The Prem and we want it back.

  3. Bingsh says:

    1.25.43? The recording ends at 1.00.00

  4. SJ Maskell says:

    Bingsh: The recording is 2.22 long. The hyperlink works for me.

    Here is the full address. Try again.

    That’s where my techno knowledge ends. Sorry.

  5. Gareth says:

    Excellent, excellent article. You speak the kind of sense that will sadly never be listened to by anyone who has any genuine influence.

  6. Amazing article, sums the situation up perfectly! The Premier League had become far too powerful and now dictates the future agenda for English football. I urge the FA to cut them loose. Safe standing is a no brainer and very difficult to mask the benefits, although try they might.

  7. Ben says:

    Very, very good article. Any logical assessment of the Hillsborough disaster would have to conclude that it was caused by fencing, not by standing. It was exacerbated by a surge of fans but without fencing the crush would never have occurred. Countless millions of people have watched football from the terraces without any problems over the years and they continue to do so in the Bundesliga. Standing should be brought back immediately, give the game back to the people.

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