John Lawless Is A… Well, Draw Your Own Conclusions


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4 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    I would genuinely like to know Lawless’ opinion on a potential facebook group titled “Hillsborough ’89 was brilliant”…

    Any hate Mancs have for Liverpudlians pales in comparison to the other way round. I don’t understand it and I never will. Any Liverpudlian is quite welcome to explain it to me. But it could be difficult for them as I forbid profanity.

  2. Merrick says:

    I think it’s a little unfair not to have given Lawless’ side of the story.

    Now I’m not saying I necessarily believe him, but that there is another side.

    He says he did not make a plane gesture but held out his hand with a flat palm, five fingers showing, to indicate the 5 times Liverpool FC have won the European Cup.

    Check the video in your post. If the incident in question is the corner taken at 3.30 – and the reports say it was a first half corner – then it looks ambiguous to me. It could well be an outstretched hand being shown to two different stands of FCUM fans.

    Note also the gecture made by the scorer after Marine’s penalty at 5.40. There is no ambiguity there, he clearly points that flat handed ‘five’ gesture to the FCUM fans, which suggests Lawless might have been doing the same.

    That these players think Marine and FCUM are Liverpool and Manchester United is, as you rightly say, daft. That Lawless was in that Facebook group (got a source?) points towards his guilt in this.

    But on the basis of what we see, I don’t think we can be as certain as your post.

  3. Ronniered says:

    He is no worse than some of the neanderthals that follow fcum.
    fcum have really began to attract some undesirables since our forming.

  4. Gavin says:

    Not sure which “undesirables” you refer to Ronniered but I’ve been to many an FC United game and seen no evidence to back up your claim.

    As for Lawless, well the evidence would suggest that he is guilty as charged. I’ve no sympathy for the guy. Mocking what happened in Munich is low.

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