The Strangest Cup Run Of The Year


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4 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    200%: I’ve been one of the first to criticise our fans when there has been racist abuse this year (it was awful at the Bradford game, which was televised) but I didn’t notice anything against Droylsden at home. What went on at the away game, as I understand it, doesn’t quite fit what you’ve put here: my best mate, who writes for WSC periodically and is reasonably capable of being non-partisan, said that a few Darlo fans got kicked shitless with baseball bats. The word on our (admittedly partisan) message board has been that a few Darlo fans had glasses thrown at them in a pub before the game because they laughed when asked if we had ‘brought a firm’ and said, reasonably, that it was a bit passe to be talking along those lines! We certainly aren’t blameless, and I’ve seen reprehensible behaviour from our fans on numerous occasions, but there is at least equal blame to be apportioned here.

    I hope this doesn’t sound too pissy, because I’ve been a long-term reader here and I think what you do is fantastic. I just think another side of the story deserves to be heard. Incidentally, the majority of the Droylsden fans were fantastic when they came up to Darlington, and this shouldn’t be taken as a slur against them.



  2. admin says:

    It’s entirely fair of you to put the other side of the story, Joe.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Both fairly put. And I am really carrying on the tie itself, if not the argument on race. Although as I understand it DRoylsden fans were twice reprimanded for making the same gestures as the Darlo fans.

    As a Chesterfield fan that attended both away fixtures to Droylsden I will say this; there will be problems at that ground (BUtcher’s Arms) soon enough. For both fixtures, especially the second one, baring in mind the needle involved, the policing was laughable. I could count half a dozen OB in the ground, and if Chesterfield had turned up with a slightly different entourage, we could have seen a real mess on what I am sure Droyslden thought was to be their big day.

    ON the fixture itself, I hate to sound bitter, but if Droylsden go out today, they got their just desserts, as I am sure every football fan or human being that come up against their manager; Dave Pace, will agree, they would wish Droyslden all the best if it wasn’t for the vermin that owns and picks their team. He really is an embarrassment to their club and with role models like that there is no wonder they have a chavvy following, spitting at linesmen, chanting racism bringing down the respect of their real fans, who largely deserve a better cred.

    ON the trouble, other than right outside the away end, the police were hardly going to prevent the same group of picking people off down dark roads with bats and whatever else they could get their hands on, as they attempted with normal Chesterfield fans on both occasions.

    A real comedy tie where it looks like Chesterfield will triumph, after playing so poorly, I personally hope we get our opportunity to play them again in future, bring a real 11 that put on a perfomance and good following who do the same. RIP Dave Pace, the majority of the country genuninely hope you find that bridge.

  1. December 31, 2008

    […] second round match. Another aspect of the pre-modern FA Cup has been revived this season, with an interminable tie between Chesterfield and Droylsden who have now had three attempts to resolve their fixture, accompanied by fog, a disrupted goal that […]

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