Home Again? Enfield Town, Enfield 1893 And The QEII


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7 Responses

  1. Nathan says:

    Will someone please bang their heads together.

  2. Nick says:

    Yeah. Aren’t they both going to be in the same league next season too? I’m a Southampton supporter that’s been living in Enfield for 15 years without seeing either club play. However, I’d definitely be up for watching a unified Enfield side push for the Blue Square at the QEII. Sort it out boys.

  3. Jason says:

    Nick: Indeed. 1893 clinched the Essex Senior League a couple weeks back and will be in Division North next season–where ETFC will still reside. Towners missed out on playoff qualification this season, so there will be a derby to be scheduled.

  4. BRN says:

    I’m a “non-League” fan and have a clutch of teams that I go and watch.

    Funnily enough 3 of them have enjoyed league status-Barnet,Cambridge and Stevenage. But the one that I thought would make it was Enfield. Instead of which the two teams languish in the lower levels of NL Soccer.

    2 sad moments-Seeing 1893 playing at Broxbourne, a ground not much better than Takeleys and the 2 of them playing at Ware’s Ground in a game that was abandoned at half time.

    Perhaps it’s time for Enfield United?


  5. JCS says:

    Enfield Town have offered Enfield 1893 more than one oppotunity to merge and on each occasion the offer has been declined.
    However with 1893 not getting the ground grading needed to get promoted, who knows what will happen in the future.
    However the Enfield Town constitution must remain….one member one vote.

  6. As a former Enfield Town F.C youth team player I too hope that a unified Enfield could rise up the non-league ladder again and start knocking on the door of the football league. nb I was also a former player of Enfield United , a youth team which merged with the E’s back in the eighties!
    Our stomping ground was on the playing fields adjacent to the QEII stadium…great memories , lets have some more from a united Enfield team!! I agree with JCS that there should be 1 member 1 vote!!

  7. james pigg says:

    As a former fan of the Es – who enjoyed their success of the 80s and 90s – it is tragic to see this once great giant of non-league football fragmented and wallowing in the mire of the footballing pyramid.

    I find it difficult to support Town because of the name. Enfield FC was a side for the borough, whereas Town is – as it suggests – a side for the Townies only.

    It seems crazy that these two teams can’t merge – ditching the names Town and 1893 – to form a new club Enfield FC. This would unify support across the borough and clearly create a stepping-stone for greatness once again.

    While the two clubs remain split – they are both doomed to mediocrity. It is a crazy situation and the Council should step in and try and broker a deal betwwen the two factions – because a thriving football club can only be good for the local economy.

    Come on – pull your heads out of the sand and sort it out!

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