The Odd Contradiction Of The England Captaincy


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5 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    The worrying thing for England should be that I, as a lifelong football supporter of a lower league side, has such little interest in the national side and really couldn’t care less whether they win or lose. Terry, Ferdinand etc are each completely repugnant people the game could do without.

  2. Matt says:

    The English fascination with captaincy is for me at least best epitomised in the darts player Martin Adams.

    He does have a nickname (Wolfie) but whenever he is on the BDO darts the commentator refers to him as “The England Captain Martin Adams”.

    Now, bare in mind the beeb don’t show much darts, there is a lot that goes on un-televised or on an obscure channel. But. I have never seen an international darts fixture, nor do I even know who the Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, German etc etc captains are. They don’t seem to exist.

    Yet every year, for well over a decade now, Martin Adams rocks up in a white shirt with red trim and a St Georges cross somewhere on it and is heralded as The England Captain.

    Utterly Baffling!

  3. Urban says:

    Great article and great blog. Just found this place from EFW (

    I think it’s just incredible that the media can still be arsed to start banging the jungle drums before every, single, bloody England match. I know they kind of have to, but holy lord…give it a rest…

  4. Dave says:

    I agree with Dan. Never have I been less bothered about an England result than this and would almost find humour in their arrogant faces being humiliated by Wales.

  5. Outside Mid says:

    Was watching a match where the team captain fouled a player, then jumped into the ref’s face to argue. Commentator for the match said that since he was the captain, he was afforded more leeway when jabbering at the ref. So, is the English captaincy more about who argues with the refs the best?

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