Port Vale And The Battle For Burslem

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3 Responses

  1. Marie Vaughan says:

    Brilliant! Its so hard to take for us Vale fans at the moment,they all have to go and let Mo move the club forward.What went from a season of promotion hopes has ended up being torn apart by the manager and the board members!!You couldn’t make it up!!1


  2. Mike says:

    The board at Port Vale hid behind the V2001 slogan of ‘for us all’ and what a joke that is. The truth is 80% plus want the current encumbents out as tthey have proved to be a hinderance and not a help. They sit there massging egos that their input doesn’t deserve.

  3. Yes we all want the best for the Vale but like the board, I can’t trust the club into the hands of a completely unknown person. Who knows, in a year or so there might be no Port Vale, black and gold the grounds been sold.

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