Tales From The Sharp End: Cardiff City, Tranmere And Plymouth Argyle

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2 Responses

  1. Robert pyatt says:

    I have been a plymouth supporter since the first game i saw against Swansea city in 1973 i think , The club and the city of Plymouth frustrate me no end 300 plus thousand people live in plym let alone the
    support from Cornwall and the rest of Devon and apart from the recent promotion years 17,000 to 19,000 gates the home support is rubbish . Part caused by Argyle if you have a 19,000 seater ground and you are only getting gates of 8,000 then you should do anything to fill that ground , kids in for nothing is a must the money thats made from food , drink ,programmes , club merchandise so on . But i have to ask the question do the public of plymouth really want a league football club ? i question this because of the fact if you took away support from cornwall which i know has always been good how many plymouth people are in the ground , like i said do they want a club. I wish Argyle all the luck in the world and will always support them Rob, from Cornwall

  2. Reremnart says:

    Interesting you mention my beloved Tranmere Rovers in this article. The vast majority of us want the current chairman Peter Johnson out of the club, as he himself wants out, as he seems to have no interest whatsoever in the club except an effort to get his money back. We have had his 6 million investment, made in the late 80`s hanging over our heads for year now and he blankly refuses to sell to anybody for less that that amount while he has allowed the club to, due to lack of investment and his cost cutting (which makes Davod Cameron`s and the Tories cuts look marginal by comparasion), become a local laughing stock. We don`t even have a proper football man as a manager for example the job currently being held by a clueless ex physio who has alieniated nearly the entire fan base with his “hoofball” style of anti football to point that most are refusing to renew their season tickets unless he is replaced. However I can also tell you that the fans are extremely concerned about the possiblity of Group 9 getting thier hands on the club as we think they reason they want control is to get their hands on the land the club owns (2 large training grounds as well as the stadium, large car park etc) which is worth far far more than the club as it stands does.

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