Bath City’s Bridge-Building Initiative


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12 Responses

  1. BTFM says:

    People make me sad. The Daily Mail makes me sadder. How anyone can object to this plan is beyond me. Fans of the club surely want their club to be as strong as possible, and expanding the fan base is one obvious way of strengthening.

    I don’t suppose I should be surprised by the Mail twisting this story to suit their own bigoted ends.

  2. maliniok says:

    As a Polish migrant who has adopted AFC Wimbledon I can only wish the Dons did the same thing! Possibly for season tickets! ;)

  3. Nathan says:

    Daily Mail in load of shit shocker!

  4. oliver says:

    As a City fan, may I say thank you for the supportive article. We are getting hammered in the right wing press for a harmless little promotion that won’t cost regular fans like me a penny.

  5. Borys says:

    And will they prove that they’re Polish? Will they have to pronounce “w Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie” correctly?
    Claim to be called Jerzy Brzęczyszczykiewicz-Trzetrzelewski?

  6. maliniok says:

    Borys. No, your Dowod Osobisty or passport will suffice…

  7. billyo says:

    Two points that should be made to the Daily Mail:
    1. Have the Mail ever done anything to support grass roots football, and encourage people to go to non-league matches?

    2. Do they get righteously indignant everytime kids are let into football grounds for a Quid. Much less than the regularly attending kids have to pay?

    I believe the answer to both of these questions is no, and they should therefore….. well you know where they should go and how they should go there.

  8. BlackHaddock says:

    What about Polish Grimsby supporters?

    Do they get in for the reduced price too?


  9. Wiltshire_Blue says:

    I don’t get to as many Bath matches as I would like, but this one was on my calendar. Not any more. Like a lot of people, I’m finding times are uncertain and I have to think hard about whether I can justify the cost of attending a game when I might be on the job scrapheap this time next year. So what does Bath do? Lower costs for a small select band whilst expecting everyone else to cough up full price.

    As a Chester FC fan and exiled member of City Fans United I find it interesting to see how Chester are getting it right when (re)building links with the local community and – IMO – Bath getting it wrong.

  10. Gareth says:

    So you were already planning on spending £13 on attending Saturday’s fixture but now, just because someone’s going to be paying less than you, you’re boycotting it even though it won’t cost you a penny more than it would have already?


  11. B says:

    I have gone to a couple of City matches each year for about 20 years; starting from when Rovers played at Twerton.

    I enjoy the odd game (inc away games when I lived in London) but am obviously not a regular fan. I would go to more but £13 is simply too much for the quality of footy on offer, and given the recent economic time and the high cost of living in Bath.

    Therefore ANY initiatives that are aimed at solely a few sections of the community are not going to excourage casual fans like me.

    two other points – season ticket holders must be concerned. Clubs need to walk a tightrope between offering incentives and not forgetting their loyal season tkt holders

    – a few years ago Tranmere Rovers charged their fans less, as an incentive. Away fans (Gasheads) didn;t get that offer. I thought that was totally unfair, so be careful not to antagonise future away fans as well!

  1. September 28, 2011

    […] Bath learned last year, to their cost, isn’t always the case, remember when they offered Bath’s Polish population reduced entry and got shot down by the tabloids for being ‘racist.’ Still almost blanket coverage in […]

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