QPR & An Unnamed Mystery Agent


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6 Responses

  1. Rs says:

    QPR fan here, nice article. Faurlin wasn’t really bought for £3.5m though – more like 500k with loads of clauses etc. the big fee was largely a PR stunt. He is a magnificent player though, and I really hope to see him in the Premiership. Along with Adel and Paddy Kenny he is our only player I am 100% confident could step up.

  2. Rs says:

    and Paladini is a sleazy scumbag we should have been rid of years ago. there has been a big division in the Rangers fanbase for years over him, and he has an army of sycophants who usually pop up to support all his various dodgy dealings. they’ve gone quiet this time…

    such a shame to see us potentially mess up this amazing season.

  3. SuperHoop87 says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the comment about Paladini and I’m disappointed our owners haven’t found a way to get rid of him yet. He got involved with the club to line the pockets of his agent pals and dismissed Ian Holloway for no reason.

    What good has he done? He’s not funding the club and our best signings, with the exception of Faurlin, have been players Neil Warnock has recommended. It’s time to go Gianni, you’re not welcome here anymore

  4. skittles10 says:

    The observation of why now is the most poignant….why now? Never mind investigating QPR, the methods and motives of the FA and Football League should be investigated. Something is not right about this whole charade.

  5. h soloway says:

    Yes. Why now?. FA had already fixed the situation, suddenly they go back to original signin when the Football League did not have that rule.

    Obviously to me this is to do with their impending promotion.

    There is much more in heaven and earth than what there seems, Horatio.

  6. Edward says:

    Paladini is dishonest, lied 52 times in the High court, speaks, volumes, his claim to fame is that he was a waiter for the old chairman & they were close, intimate,loving, soul mates & more for years, then Paladini is in charge of buying players, from a penniless waiter? guess what? lets hope there is a god & puts a price on his family? Which this muppet deseves? Rot in hell with your family maggot Paladini

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