Wrexhams Ownership: Peering Through The Smoke And Mirrors


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8 Responses

  1. Chris R says:

    Sums up the whole situation so well. Not a great chapter in the history of the club.

  2. Al M says:

    The opening of the envelope mentioned earlier in the article did indeed happen.

    When I arrived there was a group of American Cheerleader type girls with red and white pom poms dancing.

    Then ms Booth with a microphone announced that in the envelope the result of who the owner of the club would be (she said there were 5 bids). She said that she did not know what was in the envelope but whatever was in it the crowd had to unite and get behind whoever the successful bidder was. She added that the current owners did not want to be present and despite being invited neither the ‘Wrexham Supporters Club’ (assumed she meant the Wrexham Supporters Trust).

    The opening of the envelope presented some difficulty as it was stapled and she had difficulty opening the envelope.

    Finally it was opened and she read the contents. To be honest hard to hear but something on the lines that the club would be a community club led by her and 3000 copies of the business plan would be available at the end of the game. I did not see any handed out.

    She said no one person would profit from the club again and the barracking had to stop against the current owners from both the terraces and the internet or they would seek a quick cash deal and the club would be lost for ever.

    The crowds reaction was mixed, some who had heard it all before where some were clapping or cheering.

    She then called for a rendition of the Welsh National anthem which I have to say I have never heard with such little enthuasism in Wales, lack of community singing.

    I dont know if the bid is sound or viable but I do know that I have never seen such a bizarre way to announce such an important step but it is the Wrexham way..

  3. Mark Barnes says:

    You can hear the whole sorry speech and envelope opening ‘show’ here: http://audioboo.fm/boos/294638-booth

    The person speaking is Stephanie Booth, over the PA, before the game.

    Booth has put up a website here: http://www.wfcsupporters.co.uk/

  4. Matt says:

    From Mark’s link above … “Please indicate that you wish your donation to be gift-aided which allows participating companies to offset against their tax and the WFC to claim 28p in the pound via the governments gift aid scheme” … so buying shares is a donation and the new club structure is a charity? Also interesting to see that the figurehead of chairman is voted on by everybody but the actual power rests with the Board of Directors whose membership is merely influenced by those stumping up £50k and no one else gets a say.

    I’m looking forward to reading the detailed constitution if this ever gets off the ground.

  5. James says:

    So looking at her statement, for just £50,000 among other things you can mingle with the celebrities at events. wow,quick where do I sign.

  6. AdamR says:

    Unfortunately, matters have now moved on again. Predictably, they’ve moved on for the worse.

    The Booth bid, whether good or bad, is now dead in the water. She’s been told by Moss that he doesn’t want a community-based club after all; no, what he wants (his words by the way) is to sell out to the first cash bid.

    That therefore leaves the sour taste that Booth was either a stooge for Moss to take the pressure off him (the fans were building up a good head of steam a few weeks ago), or alternatively that she’s been his patsy to help him achieve much the same end.

    Moss comes over as a buffoon masquerading as a businessman. His ability, however, to manipulate others and constantly get closer to his end game leads one to the unavoidable conclusion that he is actually a clever but evil genius masquerading as a buffoon.

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