Craig Levein and Graeme Hogg: a classic punch-up


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5 Responses

  1. John Smith says:

    This reminds me of the punch up between the two Newcastle players Kieron Dyer & Lee Bowyer when Newcastle played Aston Villa.

    Typical Newcastle – both players were rightly sent off, and therefore were suspended for the forecoming FA Cup semi-final match against Man United.

    I found the whole incident assuming (even though Newcastle lost 0-3). It was probably the only time I have seen Kieron Dyer show some fight when he played for Newcastle (that is when he wasn’t injured OR has the groundman looking for his diamond earring which he lost on the pitch).

  2. John Smith says:

    Sorry – I meant amusing NOT assuming.

  3. Kenny Lyon says:

    I have seen footage of this incident and I recall being mightily ‘impressed’ or should I say surprised by the punch Avril landed. Hogg looked like he was about 14/15 stone and over six foot and did have a sort of hard man image while the well spoken Levein was relatively slim and, as you say, considered to be a ‘cultered’ player. Hence the surprise when one punch put him off his feet and out for the count. I suppose you just can’t tell.
    I got the impression that Hogg flapped his hands about in a fairly half-hearted manner whereas the red mist descended very quickly for CL.
    I for one will not be shouting any abuse at him (that he has any chance of hearing) when on Scotland supporting duty.

  4. mke says:

    i played school football with Hogg and he was without doubt the most talented player around at the time. I think it’s a bit generallistic to say he was not a bad player. Anyone who plays for Man U for 4 years is a very good player. He also played for Scotland too lets not forget.

    As for Craig Levein well his shocking tactical approach with the lone striker up front demonstrates a lack of understanding that to win a game you need to score goals.

    I wish Hogg all the best.

  5. paddy says:

    I was at the Rovers vs Hearts game mentioned in the story. My main recollection in the ref stopping the stretcher from leaving the pitch so he could award Hogg with his red card.

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