The Shaming Of St Albans City


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9 Responses

  1. James Francis says:

    Total nonsense. If it wasn’t for John Gibson there wouldn’t even be a St. Albans City FC. How quickly people forget!

  2. Sniffer Thorns says:

    Certainly the most depressive time I’ve seen up here for 19 years

  3. Micky F says:

    Having been to Clarence Park on a couple of occasions to watch the Saints play my team Luton I feel for their supporters. The deduction of points which punishes the innocent and lets the guilty get off seems to be an F.A. speciality when it comes to the smaller clubs.

    I believe the Saints have always struggled for crowds as the city is halfway between Luton and watford and is also only a 20 minute train ride from London.

  4. KM says:

    James Francis – You poor and blinkered soul. Do you think that Mr. Gibson was the only person ready to step in upon Lee Harding’s demise? The fat kid reached the cake before the starving one, unfortunately.

  5. Jertzee says:

    “If it wasn’t for John Gibson there wouldn’t even be a St. Albans City FC. How quickly people forget!” – that doesn’t give him the right to cheat, both other clubs and the taxpayer!

    He should be banned, permanently. If Steve Evans had been given a permanent ban then St Albans may not have been so eager to cheat.

    Was he the same Chairman that accused AFC Wimbledon of fiddling the gates in the FA Trophy game?? How ironic if he is, lol.

  6. Martin says:

    Maybe we should send them a solicitor’s letter expressingly our satisfaction Jertz? ;o)

  7. Hoagy says:

    Rules are Rules end of argument…even if the rules were broken with the club at heart.The supporters will determine the future of the club and John Gibson has been censored will be under the watch of the league whilst he is still there.

  8. PL says:

    James Francis…You are a fool if that is your opinion, yes he purchased the club in a time of need but he has slowly ground teh club into the ground…Im sure everyone remembers Elliot Benyon…The reason he left when him and Lee Clarke were forming a lethal partnership…? Gibson fell out with the Bristol City Chairman…Subsequently Benyon left, signed for Crawley and scored a 90th minute equaliser against the Saints.

    I imagine you havant been down to the Park recently…because if you had you would truly that the club is slowly becoming extinct.

  9. Mandrake says:

    That’s the problem with Gibson, I’m afraid, PL. He falls out with everyone. The list is so long, it would be impossible to put it all on here.

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