Mungo S03E25

1 By Ted  |   Art,Mungo  |   February 3, 2011  |     10

The big thaw at Clackins Park is finally underway, albeit one that has to have outside assistance. But a new discovery – and (another) new manager – look set to revolutionise Heart of Clachmaninshire’s flagging fortunes.

Dotmund was actually pleased with this.

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For all his multitude sins, the artist is quite nice really and has (finally) added some NEW PICTURES that you can admire and buy to his site. Click here.



  • February 3, 2011 at 8:57 am


    Magnificent. I’m presuming the wooly mammoth is supposed to represent one of the transfers that took place on Monday.

    A big, wooly Liverpool striker, formerly of Newcastle , perhaps…

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