The Death Of Windsor & Eton


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12 Responses

  1. Jim W says:

    A shame. I saw them lose their play-off semi-final against Didcot two years ago. Stag Meadow is tucked away in suburban Windsor, a lovely scrappy ground that’s carved out of the Great Park. Really friendly fans.

    I believe they had upped their wage bill a bit to try and get promoted. And while things clearly got out of control, a £130k debt built up over a few years is not THAT unimaginable: consider it a shortfall of £50kpa, or a £2k loss per regular season game. Had they won a couple more FA Trophy games or got promoted and benefitted from larger Conf South away followings then that would be quickly repaid.

    When clubs going bust over this amount of money it’s generally a case of over-ambition and naivety rather than malice or particularly bad management.

  2. Jertzee says:

    As much as it is sad to see any club go under, surely “over-ambition and naivety” is bad management??

  3. Martin says:

    I’m sure they’ll be back soon in some form, free of their debts.

  4. Often Partisan says:

    I only went to see these play less than a month ago agaisnt Halesowen Town and now they’re gone?

  5. thecoldend says:

    Terrible news and I really feel for their fans. For an historic club to go under for what is peanuts compared to some of the transfer fees bring paid this week doesn’t seem right. I visited stag meadow with Enfield fc in the mid 90’s on the opening day of the season. Lovely ground and it’s good foot will hopefully be played there next season. New club for combined counties division one (step 6) next season??

  6. Roy Fletcher says:

    It is a shame when a club from the lower level folds, however, they had debts which they ran up, which they failed to meet. Ok one of them was HMRC, but others were probably ‘the little guys’ who probably can’t afford for people not to honour their debts. That said, the more money that is not paid by clubs to HMRC the more that will have to be met by me,you and every other tax payer in this country. What really gets my goat is that out of the ashes we will get Windsor and Eton (2011) or something similar and there is nothing to stop them being just as financially irresponsible. It’s time that these clubs folded and the leagues didn’t accommodate the ‘new’ club re-entry. Something has to be done to make clubs operate within their financial means.

  7. Although as a youngster I visited only because I supported their local rivals Maidenhead United, I always enjoyed the trip to Stag Meadow – my Great Aunt and Uncle lived on the council estate round the corner – a world away from the posher parts of town.

    But as you mention, the best memory would have to be that FA Cup game against Bournemouth in 1983 – unforgettable.

  8. Ascot Rebel says:

    Re – the above. Bad management indeed and ambition above that which was sustainable, but the fans didn’t do this and as football is “the People’s Game”, surely they shouldn’t be denied the right to set up a Windsor & Eton F.C. again?
    Stag Meadow sits there as a reminder of good and bad times for me, derby games won and lost and a ground share that possibly when it ended led to the current situation. Our club’s supporters were a significant earner for WEFC, which they never replaced once we left.

  9. easttilburydagger says:

    Ifeel sorry for the supporters of windsor but if you havnt got the money why spend what you havnt got,its only like you can only afford on your mortgage of 100k but you bought a house with a mortgage of 175k,perhaps the people running the club should be punished ,not the people who spend good money every week following,good luck to everybody hope you get it sorted

  10. John Chapman says:

    I knew W&E FC were in financial difficulties and eventually folded. In my youth and early twenties I lived close to Stag Meadow in Princess Avenue, then located very close to the Stag and Hounds. This was at the time that Peter Osgood played in Spital Old Boys local club before moving on to Chelsea. It was certainly a priviledge for me to play along side him. As a team we played some occasional matchs at Stag Meadow in itself a priveledge being Royal Land and the Duke of Edinburgh as President (or was it Patron)?

    I do realise this is is looking back and important to my memories but W&E are clearly looking to the future to re-establish the Club and from sunny(?) North Yorkshire my best wishes for the future.

  11. mike phillips says:

    Sad to see the demise of Windsor and Eton. I played for them for a short while in the mid 1950s, Harry Freeman (former Fulham full back) was our manager and Henry Kornas was captain,Henry was Polish and had starred for Slough Town previously we were in the Metropolitan League,I brought a pal called Peter Mayers to the club and he was a regular scorer. I lived in Willesden and I used to get £1-00 a game, which barely covered my journey, but I was very proud to play for the ‘Royals’.
    This was before TV coverage of league football so clubs like W&E,Chesham, Maidenhead, got decent crowds,We played Maidenhead in Berks & Bucks senior cup match with nearly 4,000 crowd. a league game away at Newbury on Boxing day brought a similar crowd.When Amateur foot ball ended and money became silly, lovely clubs like the ones I have mentioned suffered,and took the place of pride.

  12. mike phillips says:

    Sorry, last lines should have read, Money became silly, and took the place of pride.

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