The Premier League’s Day Of Madness


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11 Responses

  1. DaveWestAUs says:

    The ‘NASTY Fungusface’Ferguson got his way again!!! Thwarting LFC’s of signing Charlie Adam ! He obviously got into the ear’s of Blackpool’s Holloway & their ‘board’when Man Utd played at Bloomfield Rd last week!
    Ferguson is ‘OBSESSED’ with trying to stop any progress being made by LFC!

  2. admin says:

    Worth pointing out that, had Liverpool actually paid £14m for Adam, it would have paid (at their current rates) Blackpool’s wage bill for the next two seasons.

  3. Tim Vickerman says:

    How much did Barcelona sign David Villa for? I know it’s not that simple but still …

  4. admin says:

    Well, I had thought that the saving grace on the Carroll deal might be that his contract would be cheap on account of what he was on at Newcastle. But then I saw the reports saying that he’ll be on £80k per week. That message about being “pushed out of the door”, presumably, still stands and it is merely a coincidence that he is tripling what he earns.

  5. Rob says:

    With regards to the ‘where is all this money coming from question':

    * £100 million came from Chelsea, that is, £50 million which was spent twice, first by Chelsea then by Liverpool

    * A further £87 million came from the collective back pockets of Lerner, Abramovich and the Man City owners, of which Sunderland re-spent £6million

    That’s £137 million of money from 3 sources accounting for £197 million of the £220 million headline figure. This leaves only £23 million amongst the rest of British football combined…

  6. Rob says:

    Actually, I forgot that Villa also spent £6million on Makoun. So that actually makes it £143 million from 3 sources, accounting for £201 million spent, and just £19 million amongst the rest of the country.

  7. Neil says:

    Rob – don’t forget the £18M that Villa spent on Darren Bent..

  8. maliniok says:

    Pedant’s space: neither ‘pace’ nor ‘power’ are adjectives.

  9. admin says:

    Sorry, yes, adverb.

  10. TomF says:

    Completely agree that it has been a mad January transfer period. It is almost as if Carroll’s young age has bumped the price up as there is a twisted logic that suggests that if Liverpool were to get 5 good years out of him they could (conceivably given the amount spent in this window) sell him for a profit. Of course, the “if they get 5 good years” is a big one and at the heart of the gamble.

  1. February 6, 2011

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