FA Cup Match Of The Week: Torquay United 0-1 Crawley Town


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16 Responses

  1. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    Bottom line is, most football fans don’t like bent clubs.

  2. maliniok says:

    It’s easy to dismiss Crawley in a way you’ve done at the end of your second paragraph but people often forget that money doesn’t necessarily buy you success (Man City? Chelsea and Champions League?). There still must be some kind of nous and football knowledge. Although he does seem an unpleasant man, Steve Evans is a potent manager and beating a Championship side is a huge achievement. Still, it will be funny to see them in the Ryman League when their mysterious financial backers back out.

  3. Johnny C says:

    No money doesn’t always buy you success but the Fat Fraud has only ever succeeded when he has had the budget of the league above.

    Believe you me Maliniok there wasn’t much nous shown when McCheat was managing Boston in League Two, on the same budget as everyone else. Yes he can motivate some players (though not all) but doesn’t haven’t a clue tactically.

    And he still hasn’t apologised for almost ruining my club. For once come on Man United!

  4. Micky F says:

    Thank god for an article written by someone who knows the real Crawley FC and not some hack from the tabloids spinning the usual Giant-killers rubbish.

    Mind you I’d be happy to see them go all the way to Wembley if it means they lose their focus on the league and end up finishing 2nd to Luton or Wimbledon!

  5. Martin says:

    LOL at “a second yellow card for Crawley’s Dean Howell, who has been playing like the bastard son of Steve Bruce and a combine harvester.”

  6. Bath City fan says:

    It is very simple:
    1. Evans is a convicted fraudster who should have gone to jail. Him being in charge of any football club is akin to a paedophile being in charge of a children’s nursery.
    2. If the newish owners are so squeaky clean, why did they keep on both Evans and also the chairman, who was known for backing the previous owners, the Majeeds, at least one of whom is a guest of Her Majesty? Why did the criminal Majeeds appoint Evans, do you think?
    3. Non-league fans will always, even if grudgingly, support another non-league club when they get a slice of luck like this draw. No-one is supporting Crawley this time.
    4. Crawley are not the problem. It is solely Evans.

  7. Dave says:

    But surely some journos are investigating beyond the glamorous front portrayed by Crawley? Will it actually unravel? Sharewatch – Media Square plc (Bruce Winfield COO) currently trading at 52 week low, and what is the connection between the club and Prospect Estate Holdings, these days?
    http://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/ltd/prospect-estates-holdings. The Registered Office looks, well, unsurprising.

  8. admin says:

    I’m on the case, Dave but, at present, I’m uncertain that I (as a non-professional and therefore short on time and resources) will be able to get to the exact bottom of it.

  9. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    “But surely some journos are investigating beyond the glamorous front portrayed by Crawley?”

    Don’t think so. Far more (e.g. Ivan Speck of the Daily Mail) are far more interested in putting their names to the regurgitation of PR puff pieces – ideal for the lazy, third-rate journalists that seem to make up the vast majority of people paid for “writing” about football these days.

    The likes of David Conn might be interested at some point but in truth these writers have probably got far bigger stories on the go at the moment than looking into a bent non-league football club.

  10. Martin says:

    It’s a quaint irony that Crawley’s recent success and the publicity it has attracted may prove to be their undoing.

    Isn’t football great?

  11. Martin says:

    Dave, it’s much worse than just a 52-week low.

    Media Square lost £25m on a turnover of £47m last year!


    It makes you wonder just who Bruce Winfield has been forced to get into bed with in the Far East…

  12. Gareth says:

    Worst draw possible really. While I hope they get smashed by Man Utd, they’ve still ‘won’ thanks to the massive gate receipts they’ll drag in. The best we can hope for is a vastly reduced turnout from the Utd fans.

    As another has said though, Evans taking charge of a side in League 2 with a League 2 budget was a different kettle of fish and he was found wanting. Added to that, he seems a throughly, throughly unpleasant man.

  13. Mickf says:

    Why let facts get in the way of a good story eh?! No mention of Torquay getting away with some heavy tackling (no.4 Ellis constantly kicking Tubbs)in the first half unpunished by the referee, the groundsman “tending” our area during warm up but not Torquay end, Howell booked for a Torquay player slyly kicking the ball away….. Even your mention of our goal is tinged with dislike (should we never be allowed to play a long ball?, even though in this case it was Danny Bulman and was from in the centre circle and not lumped 3/4 the length of the pitch). I could go on, but does anybody want the truth, much more fun to spout half truths,lies disgusting abuse(as at Luton when all manner of disgusting abuse was thrown at our bench) all of which makes you no better than the person you accuse (who isnt universally loved at Crawley but has spent wisely on good players and despite what you and Chris Coleman want to believe, play good attractive football, did anybody see us outplay Derby?). I have no expectation that this moral crusade against one club will end, but all the bigots should just look at themselves and their own clubs to see that they are all squeaky clean, never play the long ball, never shirt pull, kick the ball away, turn their back on the referee!!?(straight out of Chris Colemans repertoire that one)and never in their history made a financial mistake. Your attempts to lessen the joy of many young kids (who I see bemused by all this hatred of their team) and true fans, will hopefully come home to haunt you all in years to come.

  14. Martin says:

    “Your attempts to lessen the joy of many young kids (who I see bemused by all this hatred of their team)”

    Maybe if they bothered to read articles like this they would understand the dislike of Crawley?

    Just a thought Mickf.

  15. Dermot O'Dreary says:

    “Your attempts to lessen the joy of many young kids (who I see bemused by all this hatred of their team)”

    That’s the same sort of crap you get from the Franchise apologists. Besides, I very much doubt any of them are aware of it. if you’re so concerned though, why don’t you explain to them that it’s because most football fans hate bent football clubs and Steve Evans?

    “disgusting abuse(as at Luton when all manner of disgusting abuse was thrown at our bench)”

    Really? First time that’s been mentioned, and let’s face it, Fatso isn’t exactly shy about pointing his podgy, tax-dodging fingers if he thinks he can get someone else into trouble. He didn’t even bother to get his puppet at the Non-League Paper to make it headline news (or even mention it) the following week. So it didn’t happen, but clearly lying seems to be part of the Gatwick Rovers ethos from boardroom to (sparsely populated) terraces.

  16. Sam says:

    No one likes us and we don’t care!

    I’m not sticking up for Steve Evans but you show me a rich man who’s paid every tax he owes and I’ll show you a liar.

    Our last owners were dodgy as they come and ran us into the ground, we’re used to it. If we’re gonna go bang again at least we’re doing it in style.

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