Why Blackpool Had To Be Fined For Fielding Their Reserves


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10 Responses

  1. Brenton says:

    I’m not a Blackpool fan, so hopefully this doesn’t stem from any bias. Unless they start fining Man U and Arsenal and others for fielding weak sides all through the season, then this fine is a load of shit.

  2. tangerine_team says:

    Why wasn’t Blackpool’s fine suspended like Wolves? I think that Ollie has ruffled a few feathers at the FA and they are really really angry with him. Poor dears. Nearly all of the football world thinks that this is daft – they should back down and change it (when did Wenger and Ferguson ever agree?). They should review it; suspend the fine for the season then at the end of it get rid of the rule.

  3. karl says:

    blackpool lost only 3-2 maybe it was the best team he could use againts aston villa, anyway. teams pick 25players too have with them, then they should name the 11 they want,.

  4. karl says:

    “Every club now has 25 top-level players who can cope with the Premier League.”

    You are allowed to have 25 players

    They ask you to name them. They don’t ask you to name your 11 and 14 substitutes. The rules are there.”

  5. Rob says:

    @tangerine_team: “Why wasn’t Blackpool’s fine suspended like Wolves?”

    Judging by the statement the FA released, it’s down to Blackpool making 11 changes between the Villa and West Ham matches – which no Premier League club has ever done before.

    I’m surprised there’s been no fallout amongst Blackpool fans. If I’d booked the afternoon off work, travelled 125 miles, and paid £23 to get in, I’d have been less than impressed to hear a reserve team being announced over the PA.

  6. Often Partisan says:

    Any idea why Arsenal weren’t fined for dropping 8 players against Wigan drawing 2-2 and then fielding a strong side against Birmingham where they won 3-0 wheras Birmingham played exactly the same 11 they used against Man Utd in the same set of fixtures? Surely that classes as a “weakened side” and is unfair on Birmingham as Arsenal got to rest the like of van Persie etc.
    To say that 8 is not a weak team but 11 is is pretty arbitrary. Of course we all know its because Arsenal is a big team and who cares if Birmingham get relegated? etc.
    If you’re going to punish teams you got to punish all of them.

    Which brings us to what a weakened team actually is? How many changes do you have to make before a weakened side is made?
    And the idea of a weakened team also implies that there is 1 monolithic “best team” for a team. What’s, say, Birmingham’s best team this season? What if say, I like Gardner in that centre midield position, but you think Bowyer is better? What if I like Larsson on the right midfield and you like Bentley? etc. So if you’re going to have this rule, there’s got to be a clear definition of what a weak team is.

  7. Gervillian Swike says:

    I notice the reference to the rule in the Johnstone’s Paints Trophy, where (and I’m not absolutely sure of the detail but it’s something like…) the starting XI must include the six available players with most appearances. It doesn’t work – mysterious injuries turn up before the games, and I saw a couple of games featuring Swansea where Roberto Martinez would simply make two substitutions after a minute. It was farcical, and the only disbenefit was the increased possibility of having fewer than eleven players at the end, which wasn’t exactly something the fans wanted either.

  8. Micky F says:

    This is typical Premier League behaviour, whack the little clubs for daring to do what the big clubs have been getting away with for years!

  9. Steve says:

    Given Villa’s appalling form at the time I was amazed Holloway felt the need to rest any players. It’s his choice, but 3 points were there for the taking.

  10. mumphLT says:

    You have a squad, you have a league to play in, you have a manager, you have an aim as a club what you need to achieve in a season.
    What team is played, from that squad for whatever game is the business of the club in question.

    Otherwise – ditch the B/S about the squad, put in wage-caps and introduce a draft system.

    To which the answer will be ‘No phuqing chance.’

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