Hammers, Blades & The Damage Done


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4 Responses

  1. Csiki Andy says:

    Hmmm, well you may well be right, but the fact remains that the precedent was that West Ham should have been docked points from the off. If the Premier League surmised that they didn’t need to do that and they’d go down anyway, they surely would have no qualms in docking them (think of Leeds and others going into administration when already down). The punishment was barely even a slap on the wrist given the scale of the offence and punishments handed down to other clubs for similar (or much lesser) offences. If they had docked West Ham points when they came up with this punishment none of this would be necessary, but they didn’t, and Sheffield Utd have good cause to be aggrieved – whatever one may think of people like Kevin McCabe and Neil Warnock (and trust me, I can’t stand them – but here they were utterly right). And the fact that Sheffield Utd didn’t play well, and didn’t amass enough points to “deserve” to stay up is utterly irrelevant. West Ham broke the rules knowingly and lied about it repeatedly – compare this to Luton who came clean about offences committed by people at the club and got docked 30 points for so doing! Under the circumstances this compensation is the bare minimum that could have been awarded, and the only way the PL could possibly extricate themselves from the mess they (the PL) had put themselves in.

    (Full disclosure- I support Sheffield Wednesday and the relegation of the Blades was hilarious from a purely local-rivalry perspective. But the way West Ham were treated was ridiculously biased, and even if they have to cough up another 30million now the punishment is much lighter than it would have been if they’d been relegated for a (minimum of one) season.)

  2. Michael Wood says:

    While not wanting to sum this up in a phrase isn’t it telling that in the Football League clubs are fined point because down there it is all about promotions and tables and in the Premiership they are docked money because that is what that league is concerned with.

  3. Gervillian Swike says:

    I can’t really agree with this comment that it’s somehow irrelevant that Sheffield United didn’t amass enough points. What I find puzzling is that Sheffield United are claiming compensation from a team that they had no contact with after amassing a ten-point advantage, and can surely therefore not be held liable for Sheffield United’s inability to maintain this advantage. Just as the idea of a panel of lawyers somehow calculating the value in points of a player’s contribution on the basis of depositions is bizarre, so it is bizarre that a team should be effectively sued for playing football games and winning them against other opponents. If Sheffield United are aggrieved at being relegated as an indirect result (that’s right, indirect) of a punishment meted out to another club seeming insufficient, then that grievance should be aimed at whoever did the punishing – the Premier League. West Ham have acepted their penalty and paid it, even if some people do think it was lenient.

  4. Brenton says:

    “that grievance should be aimed at whoever did the punishing – the Premier League. West Ham have acepted their penalty and paid it, even if some people do think it was lenient.”

    Agreed. The punishment was a farce. I don’t remember if anyone appealed it or if that’s even possible, but blame lies with the Premier League, not West Ham. I think Sheffield are right to feel aggrieved, and I feel for them, but they are targeting the wrong entity.

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