The Goal That Never Was


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5 Responses

  1. Webbie says:

    See you see that there wasn’t a Reading player there with the Watford ones talking to the ref about it.
    Not an honest one among them.

    If both sides had said to him it wasn’t a goal it might have changed his mind.
    But then again.. I don’t if he would.

  2. Fredorrarci says:

    The League has ruled out a replay, but there has been at least one precedent elsewhere. Some time in the ’90s, in Germany (I think) a referee deemed that a shot which had gone wide was, in fact, a goal. The league ordered a replay.

    More recently, in Belgium (once more, I’m not certain where), a replay was staged because of the unusual circumstances surrounding a goal. As the scorer shot, the ball burst. Apparently, as soon as the ball bursts, play is supposed to be dead. The team who conceded made a protest to the league, who upheld it.

  3. Jamie says:

    As a long time Watford fan I was at the game and to date I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely but I have to take issue with what you say above.

    1. O’Toole was not booked in the post goal protests. He was booked later on after scoring.

    2. I hate to see teams protesting and trying to pull one over the referee but I think in this case the players were right to protest. When amongst 15k people only one person sees something different to 99.99% of the others there you have to question their judgment. This was gross incompetence. If the ball was off the bar and in by a fraction and the referee gives it I would expect and hope my team to take that decision on the chin. Unlikely in today’s game but to say that this was a defence crying wolf is inaccurate.

    3. How is it that the ref showed bravery in awarding a penalty? It was a clear penalty, so an easy decision to make. That’s his job. Is it a tough decision to award a throw one way or the other? No, not really if you show the right degree of authority. I hate it when pundits say “oh well he leveled things up there as if corruption in the refereeing circles is rife. Utter tosh. His job was to, in these circumstances, award a penalty. He did that. He shouldn’t be congratulated on that because of “earlier incidents”. To you I ask, why would it be understandable? If he had done so and not given the penalty that would have been cheating Reading of a penalty. To me that sounds just as bad a decision as awarding a goal that was clearly not in.

    Am I bitter about Saturday? I hope from reading the above you’ll see I’m not. I’m disappointed in the inept referring but I can get over that. That’s football and it has certainly given us something to talk about, laugh about and remember. More so than previous Watford-Reading affairs.

    I simply hope that football keeps its head and avoids the goal-line technology argument. Human intervention is what, in part, makes this game so fascinating at times.

  4. - says:

    “It was, by any standards, the most bizarre moment of the football season so far, and it’s difficult to imagine that it will be bettered.”

    Mr atwell just bettred himself yesterday. Last minute derby vs forest first we score but instead of a last minute winner we get a last minute penalty for a clearly accidental handball. Lee the traitor Camp dives before the whistle is blown and saves te penalty. But the rules clearly state the keeper has to wait for the whistle before he can dive so therefor the penalty should be retaken. Then when we scored another apparent last minute winner Mr Atwell said there was an infringement and has not yet said what the infringement was. Also the replay suggests no infringrement was made.

    Get Atwell out!!!

  5. tom says:

    his turning into rob fukin styles !!

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