UEFA Financial Fair Play On Radio 5: An Idiots Guidance

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5 Responses

  1. I’m sick to death of ex-pros, managers etc being pundits. I can vaguely understand it on MOTD and other general interest football shows, but when the debate is about something very specific, it needs to be experts. Why oh why do the BBC not realise this?

  2. Allan says:

    Im also sick to death of so called BBC journalists who know nothing about events that happened in their own country. The events surrounding the sad demise of Gretna is so well known here… but then again Denis’s mentioning of the downfall of Gretna tells you about the smug attitude pervading the EBC’s sports department.

    Remind me why exactly BBC Scotland’s Sportsound programme won a Sony award ahead of rubbish like this again?

  3. Steve says:

    5live are completely incapable of looking at the wider financial picture which has resulted in Geoff Shreeves style fawning interviews recently with Ridsdale, Scudamore and Bates where pertinent questions were actively avoided.

    See also 6-0-6. Though it is not remotely as important as the subject of financial fair play, this is symptomatic of 5live’s relentlessly downmarket direction. That “personality” Robbie Savage is incapable of listening to any point any caller makes without talking him down with his cretinous opinions, which can be summarised by “how many England caps have you got then?”

    He is ably supported by “Chappers”, without whom any radio programme is apparently incomplete, who is equally uncomfortable outside his ‘best league in the world’ mentality. I liked him better when he was Sara Cox’s sports monkey and I didn’t like him then either.

  1. January 23, 2011

    […] UEFA Financial Fair Play On Radio 5: An Idoits Guidance “There are times when it dawns on you just how dirt cheap the BBC licence is. It dawned on me most recently when I tried to calculate how much of a refund I would be due for 26 minutes, the length of the Radio 5 Live ‘Monday Night Club’ debate on Uefa’s ‘Financial Fair Play’ (FFP) regulations. To be fair to the BBC, any proper debate on Uefa’s complex but largely common sense regulations would need a full hour at least. However, even in thirty minutes – less the news and travel – I feel I had a right to expect more than this wretched, miserable attempt to address the issues involved. I’d equate the discussion produced by Steve Claridge, Ian McGarry and John Motson on January 17th with a closing time pub discourse but that would do a disservice to the quality of drunken debate.” twohundredpercent […]

  2. January 24, 2011

    […] here: UEFA Financial Fair Play On Radio 5: An Idiots Guidance … "Learn The Secrets of Any Soccer Position and Play The Best Game of Your Life In The Shortest […]

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