Phew – What A Scorcher

By on Jul 7, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 5 comments

I’m not completely sure what to make of this. It was a surprise, I’ll say that much. Snappy Mick was especially delighted. Actually, the first thing I thought was, “Christ, I’ve got to email The Sun NOW and tell them that I, to my eternal shame, think that “Jellicle Ball” was great”. Anyway… I’m in a pretty good mood today because I know that I haven’t got to get up at 5.30 tomorrow morning for work, so I’ll thank them for stopping by and leave it at that. Now: a little lay down. At the moment, I can’t put a hair’s breadth between them, but I really don’t want to go saying, “a draw, then the lottery of penalties”.

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  1. 5:30 is harsh. everyday? well you know what they say – the formula for success is get up early, work hard, strike oil. Actually i dont know if this saying is of any help.


    July 7, 2006

  2. I’m curious to know how much traffic this will bring you, and if they’d read my derogatory comment about them in relation to the Germany V Ecuador game. Anyhow, surely the banner should read “CUNT OFF SUN READERS” by now.


    July 7, 2006

  3. More than usual, but not an enormous amount. 613, as it stands (as opposed to 180-300 on a normal day).


    July 7, 2006

  4. nice one i think


    July 8, 2006

  5. I’m just amused by the thought of them all negotiating the links and finding their way to corin’s world of passion.


    July 9, 2006

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