Whether For Pragmatic Reasons Or Emotional, Eddie Howe Has Made The Right Decision


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10 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    as a charlton fan i am pleased that he turned us down as i feel he might of found it tough coming in to a new place.
    his very young for a manager and is probably better off staying where he is i just hope we can some how get above them as he is doing a excellent job there.

  2. Colin says:

    A Palace fan, and I agree with the Charlton fan above. When it’s come to acquiring then firing managers, neither of our clubs have acted with much honour in the past few years. I think he’s made the right decision.

    Good luck to Bournemouth.

  3. Andrew says:

    Eddie knows his way around Division 1 and I am sure that he would have been able to give Charlton a very good shot at promotion, either with the current team or with a couple of additional players.
    He probably did ‘due diligence’ on the Championship and on Palace.

    If he had gone to either club then I believe he would have had a general plan on how to fix their problems and the personality to get things done.

    I am really pleased that he stayed, but am a bit worried as to what will happen if/when he takes the club up a division and then leaves as he will eventually do. The resulting mess will probably look like the one Scunthorpe are in now.

    There was another club who wanted Eddie, one he does not even appear to have considered. Burnley. Burnley were promoted beyond their means a couple of seasons ago and now demand to go back up again. Their chairman does not seem to realise how unrealistic this demand is. That is the ‘poisoned chalice’ job.

    Best of luck to CA and CP.

  4. Chris P says:

    Looks like this article was a little premature :


    Shame for Bournemouth, I hope they still go up, as long as its not at the expense of Southampton.

  5. Chris says:

    @Andrew: ‘Due Diligence’ with regard to Palace? Explain please.

  6. admin says:

    Looks like we were, but I guess the fundamental point is true – just that the moral vacuum may have swallowed another soul. Sigh.

  7. Sam says:

    Great article, the lower down the leagues you go you’ll find the more morals and pride play a part in things (with the exception of Crawley Town….). The main thing will always be finances always come first.

    @Chris – he didn’t mean DD from a financial standpoint – just look at their managerial history.

  8. bern5161 says:

    what a tart. He couldn’t drag himself away to palace or charlton because of how much the players wanted him to stay! Nonsense. A big fat check will nicely ease any thoughts of regret Eddie has about toying with Bournemouth emotions. I long to see the day when a manager or player faces the media and says “I’m only here for the money” We all know it’s true.

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