Qatar, Eurosport and Russell Osman: The 2011 Asian Cup

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4 Responses

  1. Steve Thomas says:

    Good read. You probably want to add the words ‘group of’ to that last sentence!

    I’d love to watch highlights of these games just as i’ve enjoyed the ACN games in the past. I find world football very interesting.

    Of course to the blinkered there is no football outside the Premier League…

  2. Mark Murphy says:


    Yes, you’re right about the last sentence. The words “group of” were in the original, I promise.

    Also, Ferguson didn’t dismiss the Asian Cup with the words “Qatar, Eurosport and Russell Osman”, that WOULD have been weird…as well as unfair on the last two. He called it “this Asia Cup thing.”

    You wouldn’t think I was a sub-editor by trade…

  3. admin says:

    I blame the editor.


  4. tim caple says:

    Having Commentated on many an event for Eurosport down the years it’s refreshing to see someone appreciate the diversity football offers
    Move away from the Premier League and open your mind and the rewards can be spectacular.
    Eurosport your right cannot compete with Sky for key rights
    what we have to be is creative in choosing the right event.
    Eurosport has always shown the best youth International Football
    I remember watching in 98 with Gerry Armstrong a Spanish youth team including this guy called Xavi.This year we have the World Youth Cup,Concacaf Gold Cup,Womens World Cup
    UEFA U17.19 Championship’s Toulon International Festival
    AFC Champions League The J League and later this month for the first time ever in this country, the South American Youth Championship or the junior Copa America and plenty more
    There will be many memorable moments this year outside the Premier League you just have to know where to look.
    Hope you enjoy catching some of the above,which will all be done live from , well you know where,beware though we do go on site for a few events the trick is trying to make you guess
    which one.
    2 Live games tomorrow , China v Qatar the pick and don’t expect to be seeing Bruno Mestsu around if they lose.
    Cheers Tim Caple Eurosport

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