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5 Responses

  1. Kev M says:

    I really think this might be the answer. Let the top clubs break away. Let’s have a super duper league containing all the top clubs from around Europe. I realise this is Euro-centric but that’s where the money seems to be.

    However, it should be based on one definite proviso. None of the qualifying clubs can be affiliated to any one football association. It wouldn’t make sense for a league that included clubs from various countries to provide footballers for their respective nations. That’s probably contestable but if they want to break away and become money generating machines that’s their problem.

    The rest of the English League could become an actual league. The England squad could comprise of players from our national league. What would it matter? There are plenty of goal hungry strikers in the Championship. I’m certain we could amass a side able to batter Croatia et al, if only we looked below the Premiership… just for once.

    And imagine that moment, at the beginning of a new season when you don’t, for certain, know who might win the league. Just like the old days, eh?

  2. Michael Wood says:

    Apologies to my brother for stealing his metaphor…

    You are in the pub with a dozen mates and someone says “Lets have a drinking game where the last person to finish downing a pint if this nice expensive beer has to smash the glass into their face, hard, and screw the glass in.”

    So everyone joins in cause the beer is nice and expensive but someone puts the glass down last. It is Leeds United and they smash the glass full and hard into thier face and it is horrific and everyone else has to turn away bacuase they can’t stand to watch. Leeds is down on the floor bleeding and hurting.

    “Right” someone says, “Lets do it again.”

    That is what the Premiership is.

    Of course Manchester City are trying to make sure that they don’t have to be the next one to smash the glass into their face – who wouldn’t – but that is cause they can’t not dare not drink the expensive beer and they never think that they will not be the one to finish last.

  3. Chris says:

    I support one of the fortunate fourteen, and I’m totally disillusioned (not with my club, but with football in general). As a result, I’d agree with Kev that the top clubs should just sod off into Europe. Not fourteen though, because I want nothing to do with it.

    I think we should let Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal go and do their own thing. What that has to do with a self-serving executive chairman of a mid-table club I have no idea. Oh, of course. Money.

    I agree with your ridicule for the idea. By and large, Premier League chairmen are as bad as Scudamore. I think I might watch Wembley FC more often.

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