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3 Responses

  1. Mr Blackett says:

    I’m going to do something I don’t normally do here and disagree with you. The choice of England captain does matter, just not for footballing reasons.

    I’ve said it loads of times on other forums – I may even have put it on my own glorious website – but I heard it from the bald Scottish bloke on Sunday Supplement and it really resonates. That’s Bobby Moore’s armband. I didn’t know Bobby Moore personally. He could have been a complete dick for all I know, but his image is that of a humble man with great integity and grace.

    John Terry, on the other hand…

    …was sanctioned by Chelsea after mocking a group of Americans the day after the World Trade Centre attacks. Some may argue that he was young but that’s simply not good enough for me. I’m about the same age as JT and like everyone else, was in shock.

    …repeatedly berates referees when a decision goes against Chelsea. He even went so far as to grab the red card in the referee’s hand when he was quite rightly sending Mikel off. In Rugby League, Gareth Hock touched the referee’s arm in protest at a decision against his team. He got an immediate red card and was summoned to the Rugby League authorities to explain his actions. JT didn’t even get a yellow and he has the cheek to come out in support for this respect the ref campaign.

    …may or may not have racially abused Ledley King. He appeared to be sent off for no reason but the normally mild-mannered King totally blew his stack. The black Spurs players had to be restrained and his own team mates turned their backs on him. Call me overly suspicious but that doesn’t sit right with me.

    …was caught banging a 17 year old in the back of his car. I’m no prude but he is married with a child.

    …spat on Carlos Tevez.

    …cried his eyes out when he missed that Champion’s League penalty. Instead of being a great leader of men, standing tall and consoling his team, he cried like a child. Every interview since has been a selfish exercise in self-pity.

    Have I missed anything? Yeah, probably.

    I agree that handing out the captain’s armband is not particularly important and it does distract from the sad truth that England aren’t good enough. They’ve got at least three club captains in the squad so between them, they should be able muster all of the captain-ly qualities without an arm-band being handed out.

    The fuss, I believe, is because England fans do not want this man as captain. He embodies everything that is wrong with modern football. He’s petulant, ego-maniacal and, as far as I’m concerned, barely a man. He may be able to play a game a week after getting kicked in the face but his actions, past and recent, show that if he wasn’t a professional footballer, he wouldn’t be able to cope with normal society.

    Ferdinand may have missed a drugs test. He may have accidentally kicked a stewart in a temper tantrum. He may even have made that stupid ‘merc’d’ show on ITV. Compared to Terry he looks like Oskar Schindler.

  2. admin says:

    For the record, had I any great opinion on the matter (and I wrote this under the sort of fug that only four cans of lager and a large glass of wine can bring), I would have gone for Ferdinand too.

  3. Brenton says:

    His treatment of referees is disgraceful, and for that alone he shouldn’t be given the armband.

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