(Mostly) Good News For Dundee


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3 Responses

  1. Justin Newman says:

    It seem’s Calum Melville donated his cash to the club and it’s therefore not a loan (todays P&J). This makes it significantly more difficult for the club to get the the 75% creditors approval in order to secure a CVA. It’s ironic that CM ‘donated’ his cash… a gift no less, because had he simply provided a loan it would have worked in favour of the club getting the CVA. It strikes me that regardless of CM’s involvement, he gets bad press for what was previously believed to be loans that he made to the club… like, he should write it off… and now, I suspect, should the 75% creditor threshold not be acheived, he’ll get stick for that too. We’ll have to wait and see.

    I remember Alan Sugar, on a much larger scale of course, getting very similiar bad press for investing, and losing, millions into Spurs FC…

  2. dan says:

    It does seem to be the case as mentioned above that Melville’s money was indeed ‘gifts’ and this could make any cva very difficult as the inland revenue will now be a major creditor. I imagine they will want all of the tax money back and not just some of it. With regard to the SFL sanctions, as I have said before the club should be punished but the danger is punishing so hard you drive a member club out of existance. The 25 points is harsh and while the appeal process goes on this has been lifted. However the transfer embargo actually remains and means the club cannot really sell any more than 1 player as they are unable to bring in cheaper replacements to an already thin squad since administration. This means a possible financial injection from this source may not happen or if they do then there is the possibility of being unable to field a team if there is an injury crisis(and a punishment for that!). The SFL really need to think seriously about what is suitable punishment and what would actually help any club in this situation in future. Perhaps having a set points penalty and allowing a club to directly replace players that are actually sold(not those made redundant/released) would be more positive in future. That way there is punishment but also the help needed to survive. Yes, the club/directors brought this all on themselves but does that mean we drive clubs out of business or do we punish sufficiently as a detterent to others but also try to help them survive?

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