Time To Change The Guard At Port Vale?

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24 Responses

  1. Danny says:

    Excellent article, it’s about time this regime were exposed on a wider scale for the cheats and liars that they are

  2. robbie h says:

    its time for bill and the board to step down and let mo invest in the club

  3. mickysblackandwhitearmy says:

    i’ve said for the last 3 years bratt needs go and someone else come in. bill let go and hand it to mo

  4. twitters says:

    eccsellent article,very well thought out.I still favour mike newtons plans for the club rather than mr chaudrys,mike’s bid had real substance and he definitely had the funds to take us forward,maybe mr chaudry has the money too,onwards and upwaords!

  5. Mike Smith says:

    Good read, well put together.
    V2001 needs to either relinquish control or put a few million in the coffers. They haven’t got the latter so it must be the former – if you love something let it go.
    There’s a lot or venim currently being aimed at BB and V2001. We don’t need to create a siege mentality amongst the Burslem 8 – let’s give them some outs, let’s make it clear they would be remembered as the saviours of PV and their legacy would be a stable club to pass on to parties that could take the club further.

  6. prideofthepotteries says:

    Outstanding, what an article, sums up the situation at Vale perfectly

  7. Big Mo's wig. says:

    Absolutely great article and bang on the money. Now please read what Mo puts in front of you tomorrow and take it seriously, you lot do not have the cash or knowledge to take the football club forward, so do the correct thing and pass it on to a guy with drive, and most importanly finances to match the ambition of the fans and manager.

    get out now BILLY

  8. Bill Bratt says:

    We are where we are.

  9. Mole says:

    I’ve had Loz.

    Twitters doesn’t know.

    Bare lolz.

  10. RobbieH says:

    I’m the real RobbieH. I’m a staunch supporter of the current board and in my opinion they should stay, however I would like Mo to invest money in the club for Bill and the rest of the board to spend wisely. The club has turned the corner and are progressing nicely but more importantly hold the trump card, Micky Adams. Upset Bill and the board then you upset Micky Adams. Keep up the good work Bill and ignore the hand full.

  11. wergoinup says:

    of all the articals ive ever read, this is the longest. most of its got out the sentinel.

  12. Melv says:

    The time has arrived.Thank you for your time and effort.But your time in charge has come to an end.Bye Bye.

  13. Princey says:

    Looks like I have to hold my hands up and admit I was wrong and the anti-board protest was totally justified.

    Great article, please Mr Bratt go now and leave someone in control who is willing and able to take PVFC forward.

  14. twitters says:

    mole why do you always have to lower the tone? what me and loz do and the choices we make are our own business and nobody elses.interesting to see robbie_h on here too,my advice would be don’t listen to him,he is the boards puppet,one of billys little helpers.

  15. Dan Phillips says:

    Absolutely superb article. Outlines everything that is wrong with Port Vale Football Club, off the pitch. The quotations are the real ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak, and after those, Bratt and co really don’t have a leg to stand on. Continuous streams of lies, deceit and greed has led to our current predicament. It needs resolving, and fast. We can only mask the off-field problems with success on the pitch for so long.

  16. Jez Quigley says:

    Bratt out and fast

  17. mole says:

    I’m not actually Mole.

    Bare lolz.

  18. Joe Anyon is the BESTEST GOALKEEPER EVAR

  19. paul edwards right foot says:

    and the dismissal of popular manager Lee Sinnott.?? lee sinnott was toss

  20. Jim Flynn says:

    Question: What have all these ‘investors’ got in common? Answer: None of them are Vale fans.
    Question So why do they want to invest in a business which will never show a significant operating profit? Answer: They either want to massage their own ego or just as likely they want to sell off the ground, thus making a handsome profit – or both.
    The Vale are safer in the hands of V2001 for all their faults. If you don’t believe me ask fans of Chester, Mansfield etc

  21. glenn oliver says:

    i agree with bill bratts comment “we r were we r” luv u billy baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Joes boy says:

    Lee Sinnott was the worst thing that has ever happened to PVFC. He was a disaster.
    I stopped going to the club for the first time in my life when he was there.
    I think the article was too harsh on Bratt but well written.

  23. kingsley valiant says:

    its just a pity that Mo Chaudry couldnt put his money in, and work along with the present board, Bill Bratt, Stan Meigh and Peter Jackson have kkept this football club afloat over the last 10 or so years, so to turn against them now is wrong and fickle. If we can keep micky Adams, away from the lure of Sheff Utd, then this season will remain a truly memorable one for all us proud Valiant fans. Merry Christmas to everyone. Garry aka kingsley valiant xx

  24. Jimmy says:

    Time to go Billy and co….

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