Cause For Concern At Blackburn?

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  1. Bazzer says:

    By far the best analysis of events at Rovers thus far. A mix of ignorance and arrogance from Mrs.Desai compounds negative thoughts many have of women and foreign investors in English football. Then there are the supporters who use pejorative comments such as “parochial” in attempts to belittle hostility to recent events. The evidence lies in an examination of the thoughts and actions of Mrs. Desai. The “parochialists” view holds sway for me.

  2. kt says:

    Indians buying an historic British football club to advertise their chicken farm could be the stuff of Ealing comedy if it wasn’t so bleak.

    Why isn’t there uproar before these crooks and idiots take over clubs, not after? It’s not like they didn’t advertise their idiocy. Were Blackburn on the verge of bankruptcy and Venky their only option?

    I don’t see other European countries selling off their most important cultural institutions to outsiders with no connections to the area or interest other than money-making and they don’t seem to be worse off. Barcelona brought to you by McDonalds, what a lovely thought.

    Are they more patriotic overseas than the English? I think they place more importance on cultural and civic pride and things other than the bottom line than our free-market obsessed hole does. Which makes those countries more pleasant places to live as well as having better football clubs.

  3. Spot on, Mark. This all feels like a takeover too far. An food international business that thinks it can use a trophy asset in the English Premier League to make noise for itself. It always felt like it was more about what Venky’s could do for Rovers than the other way round.
    Would love to be proved wrong, but I have a bad, bad feeling.

  4. Raul says:

    Your ideas can be applied to any football club in Enland with foreign owners , most important cultural institutions – so the Glazers who are Jewish , Abramovich is a Russian also Jewish , so thats Man Utd and Chelsea. You speak out now clearly you have a problem that they are not white or jewish. At a time where England is in such economic crisis then foreign owners are welcomed and this is the system of free trade and nature of business , Arcelor Mittal , Mittal being the richest man in not only England but Europe also is also supported by the Indian goverment and the British , so too Tata who own Jaguar , Land Rover , Tetley tea and Corus. Your arguments are weak.

  5. Raul says:

    I live in Spain and actually be it football clubs or historic businesses – cultural institutions are actually more and more coming under foreign ownership and improving , a number of football clubs in spain are owned by Arabs and so too are huge businesses and hotels and property , Indians also , Americans , and many improve the companies and football clubs.

  6. I only see Blackburn ending up as a laughing stock. The club us run by people with big ideas who do not really understand football

  7. SJ Maskell says:

    Here we go again.
    Owners who know bod-all about football buying some status through the Premier League. If you are going to make English football an international ‘brand’ this is what will happen.
    It’s not racist – at least Abramovich knows the game – but Gaydamak, Chainrai and Kushnir, Glaziers etc … owners like these will kill football as part of our cultural heritage because they DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT. (And we’ve had a few British folk looking at Pompey who fall into this category)
    At least Blackburn will take over from Pompey as the PL laughing stock.
    … Although in the Championship our ‘owners’ are doing their best to keep folk laughing.

  8. kate says:

    “Indeed, almost every time Ian Wright has opened his mouth on football, all the “blacks in football, bloody hell!!!” stereotypes which I happily refute elsewhere (Garth Crooks is just a bad TV football commentator, it’s not because he’s a black) come unfairly but unflinchingly to mind.”

    You wouldn’t dream of saying that would you?

  9. Mark Murphy says:

    Perhaps I have confused one or two of you by mentioning gender at all.

    I don’t THINK “women in football. bloody hell.” I just think people will listen to Desai talk grade one cr^p and come out with rubbish like that.

    Kate, I would write that if I heard people say “football is a white man’s game” as often as I hear them say it’s “a man’s game.”

    Raul, you make a stream of eminently sensible points. But they are nothing to do with the article I have written, which is about the competency or otherwise (mostly otherwise) so far displayed by Rovers’ new owners. Not race. Not nationality. Not gender.

  10. callum says:

    is stopped reading when i saw ‘(my emphasis)’ near the top. nice bit of unbiased well rounded journalism there. stop trying to unduly push your views on to others.

  11. Mark Murphy says:


    Er…which bit of OPINION column do you not understand? (MY emphasis)… :-)

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