Pulling Together To Save Kidderminster Harriers


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6 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    Great article, at least in that it brings to light a situation that may have otherwise slipped my notice. One of the reasons why I often visit your site.

    It’s just a shame that these stories even exist to be reported, particularly for clubs such as Kidderminster. Cracking little ground, good club and all I can say is that I join you in wishing them the very best.

    Meanwhile, Carlos Tevez isn’t happy with £200k a week…

  2. Sean of the Shed says:

    Yes, good luck to all at Kiddy, and I mean that genuinely, but I’ve long since become immune to endless financial heartbreak stories hitting club after club. I’m reminded of an old Rob Newman line with regard to the Ethiopian crisis where upon seeing the picture of the starving orphan for the 100th time he feels compelled to shout at the screen “For God’s sake just wipe the flies off your bloody face”. teams still aren’t learning to live within their means, and while I have some sympathy for fans, I’ve yet to come across any that object to the overspending of their club at the time of the occurrence, and instead simply gurn a smile and go along for the ride. Just look at the Crawley fans right now and see their reaction when it all comes back to bite them in the arse.
    It’s really not been a good year for football in Worcestershire has it? Bromsgrove disappearing after 125 years, Redditch are struggling to keep their heads above water, and now this with Kiddy. If I was a Worcester City supporter right now my butthole would have started twitching.

  3. Jertzee says:

    Same old story……next.

  4. Borys says:

    The Transfer Window is around the corner. Do what the guys up north did – Durham – sell off everybody and play with the U19 team.

  5. oftenscore6 says:

    How do you just allow £250k to build up, with £200k due in the next 2 months? Clearly the people in charge must have know about this for a while, but keep paying wages they can’t afford. Borys is right, but they should have done that at the start of the season (as Durham City did). These months of ignoring the problem could be the 4 months which kills the club. Any ask supporter whether they’d rather have 4 months as a potnetial playoff contender and then folding, or a season of struggle but continuing on and I don’t think many will choose the former…

  1. December 17, 2010

    […] Pulling together to save Kidderminster Harriers Two Hundred Percent […]

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