Non-League Preview 2008/09


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7 Responses

  1. skif says:

    In terms of the Blue Square South race, you are probably spot on in your assessment, although it depends what you mean by Havant & Waterlooville not strengthening. Getting four of last years championship-winning Lewes side in, including the golden boot winner, will hopefully bring the extra class we need, although pre-season would suggest its going to take an extra spark which we dont yet have. Losing out onj Sammy Igoe was a blow certainly.

    We may have made money on the cup run but we’re trying not to splurge it on promotion at any cost – some of it has gone into improving the ground yet further. Word is we remain on the same playing budget as per last season, but with a smaller squad.

    We’d certainly be disappointed not to be amongst the play-offs come the end though certainly, but despite what the bookies say, I reckon Chelmsford have got the overall edge at this stage, but we shall have to see.

    Glad that non-league still gets substantial coverage on here, but its always a good read whatever the subject. Cheers.

    If its of interest I’ll be continuing to do bits here and there about H&Ws season on as well as on a further blog contained within the Conference South Guide website.

  2. admin says:

    My personal conviction, Skif, is that signing individual players from Lewes might not necessarily be the best way forward. More or less every time I saw Lewes last season (and it was about four or five times), they gave the impression to me of being a team that was more than the sum of its part – which explained the reaction to the departure of Steve King at the end of the season. For the record, I think that Tom Davis and Jean-Michel Sigere and Simon Wormull (who have both gone to Eastbourne) were their most talented individual players. Good to her that Havant are using their FA Cup money sensibly, by the way.

  3. skif says:

    Well, you may well be right about the Lewes contigent, and certainly Steve King did a great job with what he had, for sure. I believe the four of them have a lot to offer us but its difficult to judge Booth as he’s still unfit. Simpemba isn’t impressing yet and Conroy hasn’t played. Holloway looks excellent but he’s one of few bright points in an otherwise bleak start to the season.

  4. skif says:

    As a further point, I must bow to your judgement because of course we see very little of opposition sides to be able to judge. Some of our fans thought Simpemba was the best centre-half they had seen all season but, like I say, he’s not showing exactly why just yet.

    We hoped, if nothing else, they might bring a ‘winning mentality’ with them from Lewes. Not looking like it so far but it’s not all despair. Plenty of matches still to go and I’m sure it’ll all click together soon.

  5. Steve Blood says:

    Does you know where I can get hold of a ‘Non-League Pyramid Poster’ showing all the Non-League Teams within their various categories/leagues?

    I saw one hanging on the wall of the Worcestershire FA but they don’t know where they got it from (it was sent to them in the post and no obvious originator shown) and they only have the one poster!

    Any clues most welcome.


  6. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  1. August 9, 2008

    […] previews the Non-league season in England. I fear for my favourite Non-league team Lewes, who went up to Blue Square Premier last season, but […]

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