Panorama And The World Cup: The Press Speeks Its Branes


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5 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Regardless of whether it’s good timing or not (I suspect that it’s excellent timing if you’re trying to boost the profile of your TV programme) the hypocrisy of the media over this is hilarious.

    The Sun: “Legitimate inquiries earlier by The Sunday Times, a sister paper of The Sun, have already revealed dodgy dealings involving FIFA members” – so in other words The Sun admits that its sister paper has also gone digging and found FIFA have ‘dodgy dealings’. So don’t News International have blood on their hands as well?

    Meanwhile The Mail on Sunday – the sister paper of the Daily Mail was the publication that did the undercover sting on Lord Triesman by getting Melissa Jacobs to accept her thirty pieces of silver. So they have blood on their hands as well.

    Plus let’s not kid ourselves here – The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph would not bat an eyelid if they thought they could get an EXCLUSIVE on such a subject at this point in time. They’d be running serialisations of it, advertised on TV daily, and not a single 30 minute programme. Their problem is that they’re jealous that the BBC got there first, and as you say, the News International agenda is very clear indeed.

    If we lose the bid on Thursday, it will be because our bid wasn’t good enough in the first place. But at least we’ve got the scapegoat nicely lined up. It won’t be anything to do with the bid team or the organisation of English football. Oh no.

  2. Martin says:

    Uncovering corruption probably is “Brainless, Betraying, Cretinous” if you work for The Sun.

  3. Wibble Wobble says:

    Ian Wright, Wright, Wright. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Retirement from football’s obviously left you with too much time on your hands. Off to the golf course with you.

  4. Mark Murphy says:

    The Wright article inspired one reader (or at least one person who had the article read to him/her) to comment:

    “Lets get this right. Only the morons in the south of this country want the WC here and thats because they profit from it whilst the rest of the country suffer the masses of immigrants that stay here & the crime that comes with them.”

    This comment is, at the time of writing, the most popular of the 38 comments on the article.

    The prosecution rests.

  5. Paul says:

    The most interesting, and ultimately saddening, question is why Panorama and their one man crusader continue to chase FIFA. How many times have they, and others, accused FIFA people, FA people, managers, players, agents, etc of corruption. How often have those accusations been truly investigated and eradicated from the game?

    I don’t know how certain other managers look George Graham in eye. According to the FA, Graham is the only senior manager to have taken a bung. All that money floating around – up to £7m per club per year to agents alone – and Graham is the only one to take a bung….

    OR the FA won’t investigate. How does it look for the FA if they have to show that senior folks in their game are corrupt. The same of FIFA – do they really want to accept their house is not in order, or just give their 2 sacrificial George Grahams a short ban.

    FIFA’s rules say government cannot interfere with the game. So we are left with FIFA policing themselves – yeah, that’ll go well… The FA policing themselves and the game that they are pushing as the best in the world – yeah, they want to shoot themselves in the foot!

    Family Fortunes asked 100 people to name a manager who’s done some dodgy dealings. The top answer…. I could guess the top 3, but what I do know is that the FA will never investigate them.

    There is so much money in the game that it couldn’t not be corrupt. Yet there is no-one independently policing it, and so anyone outside of FIFA / the FA investigating anything will be urinating in the wind and barely scratching the surface of the corruption in the game.

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