Where Burnley are Going Right, And Bolton Are Going Wrong

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5 Responses

  1. tony bee says:

    well well well yeh most of this about my trotters is correct but heh STILL such bitterness from you clarets moaners! damn it we too ended up in the OLD 4th division – (incidentally just like wolves did too!) So what can i say well;your unlucky – hah yeh! NOOO you havent managed your situation as well as we have and when we talk about ourselves as a small club, its in terms of the big big bigger clubs of manchester & liverpool. Your pampering to your own badly damaged ego and that of your fans who follow and believe this negativity. Oh by the way WHO suggested Owen Coyle as your manager, well yes of course it was Phil Gartside!!

  2. Mark Murphy says:

    Just so as other people know, I am neither Burnley nor Bolton but Kingstonian. And what I think Burnley got right was, as I say, beating Sheffield United and…er…that’s it.

    I’m not actually enamoured with either club’s business model.

    And not only am I old enough and ugly enough to remember Wolves in Division 4, I actually went to a Freight Rover Trophy final at Wembley between Wolves and Burnlet when they were both in Div 4. The crowd was, ulp, 82,800…

    Sounds like you’d remember Wolves 2-0 win with fondness.

  3. Martin says:

    They’re not “your” trotters Tony, and that’s just one of the problems…

  4. Steve says:

    Well done Tony.

    Don’t worry about the big picture.

  1. December 22, 2011

    […] League in the first place, the Lancashire club were installed among the favourites back in August. Record profits of £14.4 million were posted and proven Championship talent in Chris Iwelumo, Ross Wallace and Lee Grant brought […]

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