Monthly Archive: May 2013

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The Friday Cartoon: Football Club Badges Reimagined

In the week when Everton supporters have been up in arms about their club badge being changed without consultation, our resident cartoonist Dotmund has been plundering around in the bins at the graphic design agency to see what else could be in the offing.

Seven Out Of Seven 0

Seven Out Of Seven

200% is seven years old so, in a hastily-crafted celebration of this not particularly noteworthy event, here are seven matches in which seven different clubs scored seven goals. See what we did there?

Walsall’s Possible Sky Blue Black Hole 0

Walsall’s Possible Sky Blue Black Hole

A lot has been said about what the effects might be of leaving the Ricoh Arena this summer on Coventry City Football Club, but if they were to decamp to Walsall, what might be the adverse effects on their host club? Tom Lines is uneasy at the idea of the Sky Blues coming to stay.