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The Revisionism Of Ridsdale

By on Apr 18, 2013 in Finance, Latest | 4 comments

I knew it wouldn’t take long. Peter Ridsdale remains far better at taking credit than earning it. So he was always going to consider himself pivotal to Cardiff City’s promotion to the Premier League. It was just a pity that, last night, the BBC fell in with (for?) PR-Pete’s spin so readily. Ridsdale’s ability to be around when the plaudits are handed out resembles...

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Congratulations, Bluebirds

By on Apr 16, 2013 in Latest, Politics | 4 comments

Tonight Cardiff City have finally reached the summit of the English football pyramid after years of faltering at the last hurdle. Congratulations to them. Where the majority of fans will be elated at the thought of playing Manchester United and a top flight derby game with Swansea, there are a few who called themselves fans this time last year that find themselves...

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Content To Be Consumed: The FA & Its Cup In The Twenty-First Century

By on Apr 16, 2013 in Latest, Politics | 3 comments

In the year of its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary, we might have expected that the Football Association would want to make this year’s FA Cup Final a special one. In some respects, they have got a match that has a number of interesting enough back-stories. One of the competing teams is the former non-league club, the first ever to appear in the finals of...

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Leitch, The 1902 Ibrox Disaster & The Changing Values Of Safety

By on Apr 16, 2013 in History, Latest | 0 comments

Football and architecture have seldom been happy bedfellows. During their prime the homes of British football were woefully under-appreciated, and this lack of attention has been mirrored over the last two decades with many grounds that meant a lot to thousands of people having been demolished and replaced with new structures that owe little to the history of the...

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