June 15, 2012

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Premier League TV Money & Footballs Consumerist Culture

It will have come as no great surprise that Richard Scudamore, the chief executive of the Premier League, should have been in a distinctly crowing mood this week. Against many expectations, the top division in English football managed to squeeze even more money than it ever has before from the television companies with its new…

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June 15, 2012

Euro 2012: Spain 4-0 Republic Of Ireland

Like they needed the help. Spain were only ever going to be denied victory over Ireland by the sort of rearguard action Giovanni Trapattoni’s men produced in the qualifying group game against Russia in Moscow. But whereas in Moscow the ball usually ended up rebounding off centre-back Richard Dunne’s arse, in Poznan, centre-back Sean St….

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June 15, 2012
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