April 10, 2012

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Rangers Supporters Groups & Doing The Right Thing

At virtually all clubs in crisis, supporters are portrayed as victims, with lashings of sympathetic media coverage coming their way. So it has been with Rangers fans. Fans are occasionally admonished for not caring about financial recklessness while it funds success. But such a charge is nothing compared to the mismanagement of their clubs. People…

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April 10, 2012

Chester FC & Northwich Victoria: Poles Apart In The Same Division

End of season title deciders in non-league football have a tendency to bring out vastly inflated crowds which hint at the potential of a club were it to be playing at a higher level, and this weekend was no exception with a crowd of 5,009 people turning out at The Exacta Stadium in Chester to see Chester…

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April 10, 2012
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