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From The Ricoh Arena To Nene Park: When Blue Sky Thinking & Sky Blue Thinking Shouldn’t Mix

By on Dec 12, 2012 in Finance, Latest | 2 comments

The announcement from its owners that Coventry City Football Club may consider moving forty-five miles from its home city to play its home matches at the currently vacant Nene Park in Irthlingborough may be considered the world’s spectacularly unsubtle act of brinkmanship, but it should probably be added that such madness shouldn’t be considered...

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A Mess Of The Blues: Birmingham City’s Slide Continues

By on Dec 12, 2012 in Finance, Latest | 8 comments

The Rao family at Blackburn Rovers have long since garnered the awards as the most gullible fallers for English Premier League (EPL) hype. But the original remain Hong Kong hairdresser Carson Yeung and his band of merry distant associates at Birmingham City. Yeung and Co, mostly “Co”, threw £81.5m at the two Davids, Sullivan and Gold, to take the Blues off their...

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Arsenal’s Torpor Shouldn’t Detract From Bradford City’s Achievement

By on Dec 11, 2012 in Latest, Opinion | 1 comment

The headlines tomorrow morning, of course, will all be about Arsene Wenger. This was not only a chance to give a strong team a run out against apparently weaker opposition, but it was also in a competition which, whilst it might not be capable of equalling the delirium of winning the Champions League in the excitement stakes, offered a great chance of lifting a...

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100 Owners: Number 77 – R.W. ‘Dick’ Stoley (Argonauts FC)

By on Dec 10, 2012 in History, Latest | 1 comment

In the name of “progress”, we continue to be reminded about the dangers of franchising in football, and we continue to be right to stay vigilant against attempts to parachute clubs into the Football League or senior non-league football. The fundamental principle is that, subject to concerns over the health and safety of large crowds, newly-formed clubs should start...

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In Defence Of The Europa League

By on Dec 10, 2012 in European Club Football, Latest | 1 comment

Somebody’s got to say it. The Champions League is, for all the quality of football on show, a bit ‘same old, same old.’ Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, blah, blah… Oh, and Chelsea… usually. The Europa League, for all empty seats on show until its very latest stages, has more of the unpredictability of a genuine cup competition, even if the...

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