So, the English Premier League will not be staging that dreaded 39th game overseas any time soon, which perhaps allows some of those grassroots fans to be thankful for something while they see the rest of their game being taken away. Chief executive Richard Scudamore certainly wanted to distance himself not only from his own failed idea but also from Scottish Premier League chief Neil Doncaster’s idea of taking the Old Firm abroad, which could be taken as simply a throw-away comment or a cheeky notice to Mr. Doncaster not to send him a holiday card. While this decision looked to be coming anyway, as there was general derision when Scudamore proffered it around three years ago, it was probably less important than the other concept Scudamore turned aside (and no, it was not him rejecting Rangers and Celtic in the EPL for seemingly the umpteenth time). Sliding it in between announcing there would be no 39th game on his watch and that the Old Firm wouldn’t be disrupting the English pyramid system either, Scudamore let it be known there will be no ‘Rooney Rule’ for the English Premier League. In so doing Scudamore appears to have confirmed his ignorance on what it would have entailed and also how distanced he is from the issue of race in his increasingly multi-ethnic league. Read More Scudamore Misses the Moment On Racism


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