August 25, 2011

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Yesterday In Plymouth, Part… Umm…

Yesterday in Plymouth, Argyle’s lead administrator Brendan Guilfoyle said an incredible thing… no, wait, I know he’s been saying incredible things since the start of Argyle’s spell in administration in March (and some Luton and Crystal Palace fans might be prepared to go further back in history than that). But, even for Guilfoyle, this was…

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August 25, 2011

Neil Warnock Summarises The Decline Of The League Cup

Did he mean it, then, or was he merely to trying to cover his embarrassment? Neil Warnock is, of course, what is commonly referred to as a “character”. He can, however, be a walking contradiction at times, and it often feels as if, just as you’re in danger of warming to him, he will say…

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August 25, 2011
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