July 14, 2011

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The 2011 Women’s World Cup: The Semi-Finals

With seventeen minutes left in the France/USA semi-final, Eurosport analyst Emma Hayes was asked if the game, already a classic, was going to extra-time. “We’re going to extra-time,” she declared, “unless someone puts a good ball in and Abby (Wambach, USA’s combative centre-forward) gets on the end of it.” This was an ‘interesting’ comment. France…

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July 14, 2011

Seasons Of Mist & Mellow Fruitfulness: Swansea City & The Premier League

The fixtures are out and the pre-season friendlies have started. This is a time of year for unbridled optimism and Swansea City supporter David James can look forward to his team’s first appearance in the top division of the game since 1983. They’ve had quite a journey to get back there, though. A team that…

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July 14, 2011
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