Monthly Archive: May 2011

Some Positive News, At Last, At Wrexham 11

Some Positive News, At Last, At Wrexham

That such a volte-face should come about so quickly was, to be perfectly frank, a surprise. This time last week, Wrexham FC had been sold to a consortium led by Jon Harris which was...

Down The Southern Road 1

Down The Southern Road

Once the trophies have been lifted in emphatic triumph then dropped by players unaccustomed to using their hands, the victors’ confetti is swept aside along with the memories of the previous season to open an extended summer of whispers. While...

On Footballers And Super-Injunctions 9

On Footballers And Super-Injunctions

There is a Scottish newspaper which has had a difficult time of it of late, with its circulation having fallen by over one-fifth year on year between February 2010 and February 2011. This may...