Monthly Archive: April 2011

Manchester City and Me 8

Manchester City and Me

I can’t really sum it up any better than my dad did, just the other day – he said he’d love to follow City again, “but that’s not Manchester City”.

Fiddling As Wrexham Burns 9

Fiddling As Wrexham Burns

The news that Wrexham Football Club has been served with a Winding Up Order by HMRC came as little surprise to anybody that has been paying much attention to what has been going on...

Hillsborough: Twenty-Two Years On 2

Hillsborough: Twenty-Two Years On

First posted here on the 15th April 2009. Where were you on April 15th 1989? I was at Clarence Park in St Albans, for a Vauxhall-Opel League Premier Division match between St Albans City...

The Old Firm: Mea Culpa

The Old Firm: Mea Culpa

The main hazard attached to stridency of opinion is that you are often wrong. Sometimes, my success rate is in line with a stopped clock. And it appears my suggestion that Celtic were more...