Monthly Archive: April 2011

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Friday picture: Vitruvian Man City

If the reason we all love sport is (as is often suggested) because of its unpredictability, then a lot of people must be in the same position as Dotmund and celebrating a new favourite...

An Open Letter To HMRC Regarding Wrexham FC 5

An Open Letter To HMRC Regarding Wrexham FC

Regular readers of this site will be more than aware of the tribulations currently surrounding Wrexham Football Club. The former chair of the Wrexham Supporters Trust, Lindsay Jones, has sent this open letter to...

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Mungo S03E36

What’s Mungoing on? It’s Mungo, that’s what. This week, Mungo hits upon a unique plan to retain Heart of Clachmaninshire’s top flight status and, with support from Glenn Hoddle, successfully makes everybody’s liver shut...