Posts made in February, 2011

Match Of The Week: Manchester United 1-0 Crawley Town

By on Feb 19, 2011 in English League Football, Latest, Non-League | 18 comments

Perhaps we should spare a thought for the ordinary supporters of Crawley Town. The thousand or so die-hards that have been going to Broadfield Stadium for a few years have had a tough time of it over the last few seasons and they may well believe that they, if no-one else, have earned their day in the spotlight. It’s also worth pointing out that support for...

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Craig Levein and Graeme Hogg: a classic punch-up

By on Feb 18, 2011 in History, Latest, Scottish Football | 5 comments

This week’s spat between Joe Jordan and Rino Gattuso prompted the usual sanctimonious outpourings about the disgraceful behaviour of footballers, as well as the usual counter-responses from fans that actually we really enjoy the occasional on-pitch contretemps. Both opinions have more or less reached the point of cliche, but like many cliches, both have some...

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Mansfield?

By on Feb 18, 2011 in Finance, Latest, Non-League | 1 comment

It is probably a reflection on the autocratic way in which most football clubs are run that when a chairman actually seems to be acting in a way that is beneficial to his club and his supporters, it can almost feel counter-intuitive. What, one could be tempted to think, is his ulterior motive? In the case of John Radford, the chairman of Mansfield Town, the answer...

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Money, Money, Money: FTA Television And The Cost Of The Champions League Final

By on Feb 17, 2011 in International Football, Latest | 2 comments

It hasn’t been a very good couple of weeks for those that would seek to make us pay through the nose to watch football on the television. The Karen Murphy court case, which was heard at the European Court of Justice a couple of weeks ago, blew away the idea that pubs should be tied into Sky’s packages if they can buy cheaper elsewhere (at least until the...

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