Monthly Archive: February 2011

Dundee`s CVA Passes (For Now) 13

Dundee`s CVA Passes (For Now)

The first reaction, when the news broke that Dundee’s CVA had been passed at a creditors’ meeting on Tuesday, was relief. I’d never really thought there would be much danger of it not doing,...

Port Vale And Plymouth Argyle: Money Men Updates 14

Port Vale And Plymouth Argyle: Money Men Updates

For what seems like longer than the three months for which it has actually been happening, fans of Port Vale have been bombarded with promises of multi-million pound investment by ironically-labelled ‘secret millionaire’ Mo...

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Friday portrait: A player who definitely exists

For reasons too wretchedly convoluted to go into here, the normally sane Brighton-supporting Dotmund has come to regard Manchester City as something of a second team. Consequently, Manchester derby day gets him all excited,...