November 6, 2010

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Questions About Birmingham City’s Financing…

When Bates “reoccupied” Leeds United in 2007, he employed all sorts of accounting “techniques” to effectively clear most of the club’s debts, such as a quick in-and-out of administration (I’m assured that’s not the correct technical term). This seemed wrong to non-business-minded peoples but, we were assured by knowing sports journalists – Jeff Powell in…

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November 6, 2010

FA Cup Match Of The Week Part Two: Brighton And Hove Albion 0-0 Woking

The dark clouds on the horizon look threatening and not just in the sense that, in the uncovered South Stand at the Withdean Stadium, we’re going the get soaked to the skin at some point this afternoon. Ticket prices have been cut to just ten pounds and this has pushed the crowd for this match…

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November 6, 2010
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